Use Case Tutorials

The video tutorials below are short and tailored to specific use cases, based on customer questions. If you don't see your question below but think others will have the same question, use the form below to send me your use case. 


All video passwords are: 3lsev!er


Data coverage and structure​

  • Which journals are currently indexed in Scopus? (video)

  • How do I edit an author profile? (video)

  • How can I make sure our affiliation is accurate? (video)


  • How can I combine search queries in Scopus? (video)

  • How can I build a complex search query? (video)

  • How do I search for all documents from an institution? (video)

  • How do I export metadata for large queries? (video)


  • How do I set an e-mail alert for new documents in Scopus? (video)

  • How do I make an alert for a specific group of authors? (video)


  • How do I get an API key? (coming soon)

  • Are there limits on API usage? (video)

Citations and alternative metrics

  • What are 'Views' metrics and what can they tell me? (coming soon)

  • Where can I find information on policy documents that have cited my work? (video)

  • How can I see how my work is discussed on social media? (video)



  • Which institutions are our top collaborators? (video)

  • Which corporations have our researchers collaborated with? (video)

Custom Entities

  • How do I create a custom group of researchers? (video)

  • How do I create a custom publication set in SciVal? (video)

  • My time window isn't one of the standard ones in the Overview module-- is there anything I can do? (video)

International Intelligence

  • Which countries do we collaborate with? (coming soon)

  • Which topics do we collaborate on with a specific country? (coming soon)

  • Which countries are leading in topics of strength for our institution? (coming soon)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Which SDGs has our institution contributed to? (video)

  • How do I analyze SDG contributions of a custom researcher group? (video)

  • How does our institution compared to peers in SDG contributions? (coming soon)

Rankings Data

  • Can I use SciVal to benchmarking peers in the data underlying rankings assessments? (video)

Journal Analytics

  • Which journals do our institution publish in? (video)

  • Which institutions publish the most in a particular journal? (video)

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