Monthly RI Open House Series

Regular monthly meeting series open to all Scopus and/or SciVal customers in Canada to discuss key topics in research intelligence. Each meeting will feature two parts: a presentation on a particular theme of research intelligence (~20 minutes) and then up to 40 minutes of Q&A relating to the presentation or any other questions you might have (think drop-in office hours). Meetings will take place on the Final Friday of every month from 9:00-10:00am Pacific. Click here to download the calendar invite

January 28, 2022 : Using SciVal to Support CFREF Applications 

February 26, 2022 : PlumX Metrics in Scopus (Social media, policy citations, and more)

March 25, 2022 : Getting Started with Scopus APIs

April 29, 2022 : SciVal Reporting

May - December : TBD

Is there a topic you would like to see covered?

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