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Large-scale grants​

The frequency of large-scale collaborative grant opportunities has increased rapidly over the last few decades and research teams can now access awards comparable to the GDP of small countries. These awards are accompanied by higher public accountability expectations and the  differentiators of success in these competitions lie outside traditional grant development support (e.g., Equity, governance, teaminess, knowledge mobilization). Likewise, building and maintaining competitive advantage in these competitions require institutions to develop novel pre- and post-award support processes.


I support researchers in the development of competitive applications to large-scale grants and also design custom-tailored institutional support for major research funding programs.​


Applications developed/ supported:

Relevant presentations:

  • Demes, K & Hanano, D. 2020. Building Competitive Advantages for Large-Scale Funding Opportunities: A Guide for Research Administrators and Facilitators. Webinar for Canadian Association of Research Administrators. 

  • Demes, K. 2019. Building Competitive Advantages for Large Scale Funding Opportunities: An Institutional Guide. Presentation at Canadian Association of Research Administrators Annual Conference.

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